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I believe that Canadians need a professional financial advisor who is well-educated, experienced and trustworthy to manage their investments, provide a plan for their future and stewardship of 

their financial assets.

I strongly believe in the following core values:

To place the client's interest first

To act with care, diligence and good judgement 

To provide full disclosure

To avoid any potential conflict of interest

I take highly personalized approach in portfolio construction by incorporating responsible investing (SRI) principles resulting in portfolios with exceptional financial performance with reduced  risks and lower volatility.  A well constructed portfolio is created by using investments that carry different risks and which must be resilient in different environments, both positive and negative.

If any one of the principles highlighted above resonates with you, 

I look forward to hearing from you. It would be an honour and a

great responsibility for me to be your trusted financial advisor for

all of your financial related needs.



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Drazen's Canadian journey began in July 1993. He studied mechanical engineering in former Yugoslavia but decided to switch to a career in money management and financial counselling. He completed Bachelor of commerce program at Laurentian University in Sudbury. After graduating with honours, Drazen went on to gain sound work experience as a financial services representative and later, as an investment advisor with some of the largest financial advisory firms in Canada. Working side by side with seasoned professionals, Drazen quickly learned that in choosing a financial advisor, the following four aspects should be of paramount importance to a potential client:

top of the line credentials
solid work experience
respect for clients need
and above all, ethics.

Drazen's credentials include some of the top professional designations in Canada for financial advisors such as Certified Financial Planner designation. Also he completed numerous other professional courses over the years such as: Retirement Planning, Technical Analysis, Wealth Management Techniques, Risk and Insurance, Canadian Securities Course, Estate Planning etc.

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation is a professional certification mark for financial planners conferred by the Financial Planning Standards Council. To receive authorization to use the designation, the candidate must meet education, examination, experience and ethics requirements, and meet continuing education standards.

On a personal level, Drazen is married with two children. Drazen and his wife Maria own several cats.  He enjoys reading history books and is an avid soccer player. He is a huge fan and supporter of Red Star Belgrade Football Club.  Drazen practices Krav Maga, an Israeli self defense system.

"Drazen has been my financial advisor for over five years.  He is professional and conscientious at all times. Drazen is proactive regarding regular client meetings and he is always thoroughly prepared for these meetings. He gets to know his clients and listens carefully to them, and keeps in mind their preferences regarding investments. He keeps up to date on financial happenings around the world and informs clients with a weekly review of important news in the financial world."

Martha S.

Drazen came into our lives in 2008 at a time of distress. My husband and I were mired in the fallout from two bad investment advisors in a row, one who had us borrow a lot of money to invest, and the next who invested our money about as poorly as it is possible. At the time, Drazen was an advisor with our financial institution (we had used securities firms before), and we went to see him hoping desperately that he’d be different from the others. Indeed, Drazen helped us to gradually get back on track, appreciating how traumatized we were and ensuring that our investments were growing. He was there for me when my husband died and I had to re-evaluate my finances, there when it was time to figure out RESP withdrawals for the kids, and there when I got stars in my eyes about high-risk investing but with blinders about those risks. He has been a careful, caring and thoughtful advisor, well-informed on the investing world, and very aware of my life situation and risk tolerance to ensure I don’t get carried away. He has never insisted I buy any one product; rather, he provides me with the pros and cons of various options. He always has time for my questions, and gets back to me promptly. Those questions have gone beyond just my portfolio to include such things as paying down loans, new cars, and advice for friends with debts. Never have I thought that his advice has been to serve his own interests. From the time we first met, he has shown himself to be a man of integrity. Given that I know how scary it can get with investment advice, I consider Drazen a rarity and feel very fortunate that our paths crossed.

Gillian S.

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